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per month (yearly membership) Connecting Singles Everywhere

One of the longest dating platforms in the game, has been successfully connecting singles around the globe since the year of 1993. After almost three decades in the game, the platform has picked up a few tips and tricks to make it one of the best online dating platforms for long, lasting relationships. With this in mind, you might wonder just what sets it apart from other popular dating sites (other than its experience, of course).

Supported by Statistics

While was founded in 1993, it was only officially launched 2 years after in 1995. This platform was created by Gary Kremen to connect singles everywhere. It is currently being run by Match Group, a company that manages several popular dating platforms on the internet, including Tinder and OkCupid.

After three decades in the game, has the numbers to prove its claim as one of the top dating websites out there. As of August 2020, has amassed 20 million members across the globe, with an astonishing 4 million from the United States. With 3 million daily logins, the platform is quite active to this day. Here are some more stats about

  • About 4 females for every 5 males
  • A majority of members are aged 35-54
  • Over 8 million members own a premium subscription

What is is a fun platform designed to help you meet like-minded individuals and perhaps, even find your lifelong partner. It comes equipped with plenty of features to speed up the matchmaking process while keeping your data protected. The creators of are so confident that you will find a romantic partner that they offer a 6-month guarantee to all members. If you do not find your perfect match within 6 months after your registration, you will be given 6 months of free, premium membership.

You might be wondering where this confidence comes from and the answer is simple: the algorithm. uses an algorithm that tracks your behavior on the platform, along with the behaviors of users with similar traits. By using their matches, the platform can properly suggest matches that suit your preferences. This method is called “triangulation,” and is commonly used by most popular dating platforms, however, more people have found success with While this is due to loyal members or competitive features, one thing is for certain: is really good at what it does.

How Do I Register on has evolved to keep up with the current demands of society. The thing that most people desire today is simplicity, and fortunately, the registration process on is fairly easy and quick.

Upon entering the initial sign-up page, you will be asked for several basic details about yourself, including your name, age, gender, location, and sexual preference. is LBGTQ+ friendly and supports homosexual members as well. Once you have entered your information, you will be directed to create a username and password. The final step in the registration process is creating your profile.

Profile creation can be fun and asks you about other details such as your physical characteristics. Of course, these are completely optional and you can customize your profile as much as you desire. After you have finished, there is no email verification, so you can jump right into the world of online dating.

Is After Your Money?

If you have ever paid for membership on a dating platform, you already know that online dating can be quite costly. Sometimes, you may even be surprised by fees no one bothered to tell you about. Thankfully, is quite affordable.

There are two plans for membership: the standard and premium plans. Membership is offered in increments of 3, 6, or 12 months. Here is a list of current membership prices:

Premium Membership:

  • 3 months: $14.99/ month
  • 6 months: $11.49/ month
  • 12 months: $8.99/ month

Standard Membership

  • 3 months: $12.99/ month
  • 6 months: $9.99/ month
  • 12 months: $7.99/ month

Compared to other top-ranking online dating websites, is relatively average priced. Standard members will be given access to the most basic features of the platform, while premium members are given access to the complete website. In addition to membership, also offers two separate paid features: Match Me and Boost.

Match Me places you at the very top of a specific member’s match list while Boost places you at the top of all match lists for an hour. Pricing for both is very affordable.

How Safe is

One of the major concerns new members of any online dating platform have is safety. has a thorough privacy policy claiming that proper security measures are in place to prevent the leakage of your data. Your username, passwords, and other login-related details are all encrypted for easy and safe logins. You will be notified if a login is attempted from an unknown device.

Because the platform does not verify emails, it can be easy for users to create anonymous profiles and indulge in fraudulent behavior. However, if such behavior is reported, the security team of will take the necessary action to investigate and terminate suspicious accounts.

When uploading your profile photo and finalizing your profile, you might notice that your profile is not immediately public. will review each profile before publishing it as an added safety precaution in preventing the creation of fake profiles. had caused public outroar in 2015 when a member realized that the HTTP connection was not properly encrypted. This issue has been corrected and the platform is now secured by extra levels of encryption.

How Can I Delete My Account?

Deleting your account is as simple as heading into your account settings and clicking on the “deactivate” button. Your account will be subsequently deleted and your subscription will be terminated. If you would like to temporarily halt your membership and keep your account, this can be done in your account settings as well.

Your data will be removed from the database once you have deactivated your account.

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8,99 $

per month (yearly membership)