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Love is universal and knows nothing of gender, identity, or sexuality. It can happen all at once or maybe develop as a gradual attraction. With fewer stigmas surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, we have seen a rise in the number of open-minded dating sites on the web.

One such LGBTQ-friendly dating site is PinkCupid. Think of PinkCupid as the more stylish, and feminine version of the popular website, OkCupid. PinkCupid gives all lesbians the space that they need to form connections and meet like-minded people.

How Popular is PinkCupid?

PinkCupid is predominantly a female dating site, although you may find men here and there. The platform has about a million users globally and about 315,000 from only the United States.

One thing we love about this platform is that the age range is relatively young, around ages 25-34. With this in mind, you can find anything from a quick fling to a casual date or even a long-lasting relationship. The paid version of PinkCupid even supports language translation so language barriers are no longer a problem. Here are a few more statistics about PinkCupid:

  • 60% female/ 40% male
  • 28,000 new members monthly
  • 350,000 monthly active members

What Makes PinkCupid Different?

PinkCupid was founded in 2006 as one of the many niche dating websites under the company, CupidMedia. CupidMedia specializes in providing the means for people to meet their lifelong partners and has accumulated countless success stories to back their claims. You might recognize this company from other popular dating platforms such as OkCupid or ChristianCupid.

The thing that distinguishes PinkCupid from other platforms is that the profiles can be extremely customized. You can easily tell if you are compatible with someone by scrolling through her profile. PinkCupid also prioritizes safety among all other aspects. There are no fake accounts on the platform and very little chances of getting scammed.

Women of all ages enjoy using this platform for its reliability and high success rate. Almost every member has a positive experience to share!

How Long Will Signing Up Take?

PinkCupid places a lot of emphasis on safety and precision. To prevent people from creating fake or fraudulent accounts, the registration process can take as long as 10 minutes.

You will be asked a series of questions, ranging from your personality and trait preferences to a description of your appearance. You will also be asked to upload a few profile photos to ensure that you are a real person. After this, you must verify your email address and validate your identity. Note that you will not be allowed to create an account if you do not validate.

If you would rather skip a majority of this process, you can always sign up using your Facebook account.

How Expensive is Membership on PinkCupid?

While PinkCupid is not cheap, it has an appropriate price for all that it offers. There are two forms of membership on the platform: Platinum and Gold. Membership is bought through increments of 1, 3, or 12 months. As a Gold member, you will be allowed full access to all communication features the platform has to offer. At a slightly higher price for Platinum, you will get that and much more.

Here is a complete list of pricing:


  • 1 month- $29.98
  • 3 months- $20.00/ month
  • 12 months- $10.00/ month


  • 1 month- $24.98
  • 3 months- $16.66/ month
  • 12 months- $8.33/ month

You may be wondering whether it is worthwhile to purchase a membership rather than use the free version of the platform. Well, here are just a few of the features you will gain access to as a paid member:

  • No advertisements
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Full communication
  • Matching algorithm
  • Advanced search features
  • More space in profile
  • Rank higher than other members

How Safe is PinkCupid?

PinkCupid prides itself on maintaining a completely safe environment for all of its users. Because a majority of the users on the platform are women of queer or bisexual nature, it is especially important that new members are screened before being allowed to interact with anyone.

The advanced sign-up process ensures that you are a real person, however PinkCupid also has a fraud prevention team waiting on standby to act whenever needed. They will immediately take the appropriate actions against accounts exhibiting suspicious behavior.

All of your data will be secured with standard encryption and never shared without your permission. The security measures leave little room for fake or anonymous accounts and ensure safety for all members.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

To deactivate your account, you will have to find the top bar on your screen and navigate to your account settings. Once you have reached the page, you will find a link to delete your profile and once you click it, your account will be deactivated. Be sure to keep track of your membership status. When purchasing a membership, it will automatically renew unless you have turned off “auto-renewal.” By canceling this, you will be able to prevent further charges to your account.

If you would like to cancel a current subscription, you will have to reach out to PinkCupid via live chat or email. Their email can be found on the platform in the “contact us” section.

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