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safety tipps for online dating

More than 50 million Americans say that they have or continue to use websites or mobile dating apps in their quest for love. With success: finance blog editor Melissa Linn reports that more than 12% of 18-29 year olds are in a relationship with a partner they met online.

However, since online dating also bears some risks, here are our security tipps for the pure enjoyment of online dating.

verified profiles

Verified profiles increase trust for example through an “authenticity check”. Authentication can be performed for example by video chat with the dating site’s customer service or by sending a copy of your ID card. However, always check the dating site’s imprint to ensure your personal data is secure.

protect your personal data

Identity theft is a common crime in online dating. Always protect your personal data! Do not give your name, address or phone number to someone you do not know by person. Identity theft can among others be used for illegal online transfers or fraud.

meet in public

You finally found your dream partner and cannot wait to meet him/her in real life? Chose the place for you first meetup thoughtfully. Never – literally really never – meet your potential partner at home! Find a nice and neutral place in public, for example your favorite café, restaurant or even a shopping mall. Also inform your family and friends about your meetup to ensure they know where to help in case of emergency.

don’t be timid

Online dating used to be a kind of a taboo for many years. However, times have changed and online dating has become the most common way of meeting new people in the us – followed by meeting friends of friends, and falling in love at work.

By the way, all reviewed pages have been checked by our professional staff in regards to our tipps for online dating!
Nonetheless, always think before meet, go with your gut instincts and keep your eyes open.

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